Creative Practice #8- Surrounded by Glass

Today we journeyed to the university. Cohen, Caius and I explored yet another place where human made sculptures and buildings exist alongside nature. We found a place surrounded by glass and yet there was also natural beauty to be found.


As we walked around we could hear piano music coming from inside. We stopped to listen and enjoy before moving on to find out what the sculpture was all about. The plaque explained that this red sculpture of circles represented the language of dancers and was created by Francoise Sullivan who was herself a dancer, as well as, a choreographer, painter and sculptor.

As we continued on our walk, we noticed that the snow was melting and forming puddles on the sidewalk. The boys’ snow pants and mitts were getting quite wet. Along the path we came across some sort of drainage coulee. There were rocks of many sizes and a variety of trees all around it, surrounded by glass and buildings. Caius was quite upset at this time because he was worried that his snowball would melt. We decided that it would be best to leave it under a tree instead of bringing it home in the car (although just before we left, he returned to retrieve it and did bring it home).

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Within the coulee, Caius found part of a dinosaur egg. He was excited and momentarily forgot about his melting snowball. He dug into the ground and insisted that he had found the other piece buried below. Oh the imagination of children!


At the end of our adventure the boys found a little mound of snow. They had a great time jumping off of it and rolling down it. I sure wish I could bottle their energy! As we returned to the car, we were rosy cheeked and happy from the fresh air. Nature has a way of uplifting and re-energizing the spirit.

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