Creative Practice #2: Mushroom Surprise

As we wandered down the street from our house, my boys and I looked around at our surroundings in search of the unexpected. Interestingly, we were mostly looking upwards. As I glanced towards the earth, I noticed a line of mushrooms which had sprouted in the open grass. We decided to dwell in this spot and examine the mushrooms further.



My son, Caius, began to count the little mushrooms and found that there were 12 all in a line one after the other. They were all so smooth and wrinkled, perfectly formed. They grew like little tiny umbrellas sheltering the ground beneath.

I began to think about these little plants…

Why did these mushrooms choose this spot to grow? They seem so vulnerable and fragile here out in the open. If we hadn’t looked down, we could have easily stepped on them, crushing their fragile structures. As I looked down on the mushrooms, I wondered how the world looks from their perspective. I decided to try and take a photo from right down beside them.

My sons were reminded of a CBC children’s program, Beat Bugs, as they took time to think about this place. They remembered in the t.v. show that everything was from the bugs’ point of view. In this perspective, the mushrooms, the grass and the yard equipment looked gigantic. Using this change in perspective we thought about how big and tall we must seem to the little mushrooms growing in amongst the grass.

As we sat in this moment of slowing down, I noticed a man on a bike riding by. He glanced over at my boys and I and gave us a smile. He seemed to say through his smile, that he appreciated what we were doing, that as the busyness of life zoomed by us, we had chosen to take a moment to dwell within this place.


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