In over my head?

Just had my first EdTech class online tonight. Yikes! I am feeling like I am in over my head but that is exactly why I chose to take this course. This will be my eighth grad class and I felt that it was about time to delve into the world of technology. So here I am at the beginning of my journey. I guess I do have some skills, I am fully capable of scrolling Facebook for hours and sending emails and texts but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Next comes blogging, twitter, web conferencing and the list goes on. Although at the moment I am feeling pretty freaked out, I know that our world is full of useful tools that I will soon learn how to access. So for the technically uncoordinated, I’m one of you and I’m going to stumble my way through alongside you!


1 thought on “In over my head?

  1. Esther, I am stumbling along with you and I look forward to the learning that we will do throughout the semester!

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